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Are you a busy parent of 3 with very little time? Or a business owner with meetings after meetings? Finding time to get an estimate for your plumbing needs can be tricky for those with a lot on their plate. Many people do not have time in their every-day to meet with a plumber who can give them prices for their plumbing projects, but with Virtual Estimates you can get a price anytime!

What is a Virtual Estimate?

Virtual Estimates are just as they sound. They are estimates that are available over the phone, through Zoom, or through Facetime. K-Tech Plumbing can schedule them over the phone, and they can be through whatever media you prefer. They are scheduled for 30 minutes with our technicians, and are available any time during our business hours.

What are the benefits of a Virtual Estimate?

There are many benefits for a virtual estimate over an in-person one! These virtual estimates can save you time since they are not in person. There is no waiting for a plumber to show up, having to let them into your home, or having to make yourself available for certain hours of the day. Virtual estimates are also more flexible than a traditional appointment and can be scheduled any time we have a technician available, even in-between some appointments! These estimates are quicker, easier, and save time for everyone. Try our virtual estimates today for a price on your plumbing projects!

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